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  • Seeing a poster

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  • Answering questions on the poster

    By answering questions on the poster you saw, you are convincing the Advertiser that you have rightly understood the utility of that product, which is definitely worth some Rupees that you are getting paid.

  • Watching a video

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  • Answering questions about the video

    Just answer a few set of questions on the video you watched to let the Advertiser know that you have shown substantial interest in the product.

  • Answering a survey

    By answering a survey, you are giving valuable information to the company. Based on the information you have provided, they can decide whether to release the product to the market or no.

  • Writing a review

    Reviews are the most effective means for promoting a product. By writing reviews, you are expressing that you are happy with the product and you are motivating others to buy the product

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