Get'Biz - A Viable Digital Marketing for Local Traders

Own a digital profile, whether you have an online presence or not and reach out to the most, on their mobile devices.

GetM Urges To Provide A Platform For Small Business Owners To Get A Digital Presence

Every area in a city has local retail stores and that is what constitutes majorly to the business community of a city. If you are the owner of a local business and if you are aiming at reaching out to the target audience right at the place of their residence, then, it is possible only through online marketing. This need not happen through a website or a mobile app of your own. It can be very simple than that.

A digital profile

Own a digital profile for yourself on Get’Biz of GetM App, add your target audience to your business circle and start promoting your business among them.

Promote among target audience

A newspaper or a TV ad is telecasted to general public. Your ads on Get’Biz will reach out to the target audience, the people residing in the same area and whom you think will become your Customers for sure.

Drive them to your store

Planning on having a festive season offer, discount sale or a clearance sale? Quickly send a message to people in your circle and drive them to visit your store.


Collect the phone numbers of Customers, who visited your store and add them into your circle on Get’Biz. Constantly let them know about attractive offers you are providing and turn them into your loyal customers.

GetM's step towards empowering the local traders on the digital space

Helping a small business owner to get a digital space and reach out to people right on their mobile devices.

Why digital marketing for local retail stores

If you don't go digital, then, you are sure to lose your Customers to your competitors, who are the bigger retail chains.

As a local trader, you too are important to the community

Small, independent stores as well contribute in a great way to the Nation's GDP. Because they are locally owned, these stores are firmly rooted in the community. They are unlikely to move and will do their best to the local people within the community.

Reducing prices to compete with bigger retail chains is not the solution.

This will be like bringing a knife to a gunfight. In any manner you may not compete on price. Instead, connecting with local people using digital means would be the most viable choice for you. Giving information online to local people residing in your own area can surely help your business grow.

Download the App

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