Comm'buzz- A platform for Getting Communities Closer.

Get’M Users can get to know about local happenings through Get’M App. People can post feeds on local events and happenings and also get to know about upcoming events and happenings within their locality. Get’M has made an attempt to bring local people closer, by providing a platform to share information.

Above all, you can post anything that is a concern for you as a noble citizen; ranging from traffic updates to local grievances. View and share posts onto social media for quickly spreading a message and get instant recognition. Use the platform to highlight the happenings in the community.


Get’M is helping its Users in playing an active role in the society. It has provided a platform where, people can post and spread a word about an issue, an unsafe environment or an attack, in their local area, among their neighbors.

Post about a local happening in your area

People can post feeds on local concerts, events and festivals to invite people with in the proximity.

Get to know about local happenings

People often miss out on information about local happenings. People can view the feeds on local events, festivals and concerts within their close proximity of 1 kilometer.


Get’M has created a private social networking platform by introducing all its Users to their neighbors within the proximity of 1 kilometer.

Like, share and comment features

People can like others’ posts, post comments and also share posts to quickly spread a word.

Share valuable information you have with others

Provide information about a new school in your area, or a mall or a shop that has newly opened up in your area, to your neighbours.

Download the App

You may find the Get M App for Android on Google play store and the Get M App for iOS at Apple iTunes. You may download the App from the Play store or iTunes and then follow the instructions to install it. You may also download the App from our website. You may scan the QR code, download the URL and follow the instructions for download. Alternatively, provide your Mobile number for getting the App link as a text message. This will take you directly to the Play store or iTunes, where you may download the App.

Send a link via SMS to install the app