Get’M helps Mobile advertising turn super-profitable

Post a banner or a video ad and get as many target audience to watch them. Also find out how effective it can be by seeing them answer questions on the banner or video you posted.

Traders and individuals can make use of the Get’Money tile to promote their businesses choosing a video, poster, and survey or getting reviews from a relevant targeted audience. Get real time feedback of viewership graphically represented based on location and demographics.

Post banner or video

You can either upload a banner or a notice on your product or a service or post a YouTube link for your ad video, for people to watch them.

See how effective your advertising can be

Post some questions on the video or banner to see if your ad has appealed to the audience. If they have answered the questions correctly, then your purpose of advertising is served.

Reasonable pricing

You may choose the number of people your advertisement has to reach and you will be charged based on your chosen number. Alternatively, you may set a budget and we will show the advertisement to those many people and till your budget gets exhausted.

Get’M can help you witness the ROI on your advertisement

Posting banners and video ads on Get’M helps drives traffic to your website, increases brand awareness, increases sales, and helps you track the people, who access your ad for planning out re-marketing strategies.

Proximity advertising

If you are promoting your business only to people residing within a particular locality, like your local gym or an Italian restaurant, then, advertising on Get’M is the best means for doing so.

Easily find target markets

Finding the right people of right age and right taste is crucial when advertising. Get’M helps achieve this. Your trendy teenage clothing store can be advertised to college students or boys and girls aged between 16 to 23 years within 5 kilometers radius from your store.

Download the App

You may find the Get M App for Android on Google play store and the Get M App for iOS at Apple iTunes. You may download the App from the Play store or iTunes and then follow the instructions to install it. You may also download the App from our website. You may scan the QR code, download the URL and follow the instructions for download. Alternatively, provide your Mobile number for getting the App link as a text message. This will take you directly to the Play store or iTunes, where you may download the App.

Send a link via SMS to install the app